Premiery płytowe - marzec 2016



Agonizer – "Visions Of The Blind"
Haive Productions

Almanac - "Tsar"
Nuclear Blast Records

Blaze Bayley - "Infinite Entanglement"
Blaze Bayley Recordings

Circus Maximus – "Havoc"
Frontiers Records

Eternity's End - "The Fire Within"
Power Prog
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Grailknights - "Dead or Alive"
Intono Records

Human Fortress - "Thieves of the Night"
AFM Records

Judas Priest - "Battle Cry"
Epic Records

Lords of Black - "II"
Frontiers Records

Mob Rules - "Tales from Beyond"

Mystic Prophecy - "War Brigade"
Massacre Records

Oceans of Time - "Trust"
Melodic Revolution Records

Paragon - "Hell Beyond Hell"
Remedy Records

Spiritual Beggars - "Sunrise to Sundow"
InsideOut Music

The Treatment - "Generation Me"
Frontiers Music

Van Canto - "Voices of Fire"


Accuser - "The Forlorn Divide"
Metal Blade Records
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Artillery - "Penalty By Perception"
Metal Blade Records

Crisix - "From Blue to Black"
Listenable Records

Metal Church - "XI"
Nuclear Blast Records

Separation of Sanity - "The Crucible"
wydanie własne
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Amon Amarth - "Jomsviking"
Metal Blade Reocords

Convulse - "Cycle of Revenge"
Svart Records

Criminal – "Fear Itself"
Metal Blade

Hellspawn - "There Has Never Been a Son of Me"
Old Temple

Horrified - "Of Despair"
Stormspell Records
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Miasmal – "Tides Of Omniscience"
Century Media

Necronomicon – "Advent Of The Human God"
Season of Mist
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Rotten Sound – "Abuse To Suffer"
Season of Mist
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Sarke - "Bogefod"
Indie Recordings

Wormed - "Krighsu"
Season of Mist


Obsidian Kingdom – "A Year With No Summer"
Season of Mist

Oceans of Slumber – "Winter"
Century Media Records

--- FOLK METAL ---

Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik’s Skuggsja – "Skuggsja"
Seasons of Mist
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American Head Charge - "Tango Umbrella"
Napalm Records

Furor - "Architect The Invisible"
Trailblazer Records

Zenek - "33"
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Asking Alexandria - "The Black"
Sumerian Records
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Caliban - "Gravity"
Century Media Records

Hope for the Dying - "Setting Sun"
Facedown Records

Killswitch Engage – "Incarnate"
Roadrunner Records

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