Single tygodnia 25-31 marca

nowości metal 2024 tydzień 13

Singlowe nowości metal 2024 - tydzień 13: 25-31 marca

Accept - The Reckoning

z albumu Humanoid, premiera 26.04.2024, Napalm Records

Rage - Dying To Live

z albumu Afterlifelines, premiera 29.03.2024, Steamhammer

Rotting Christ - Saoirse

z albumu Pro Xristou, premiera 25.05.2024, Season of Mist

Týr - Dragons Never Die

z albumu Battle Ballads, premiera 14.04.2024, Metal Blade Records

Trail of Tears - Winds of Disdain

z EP Winds of Disdain, premiera 24.05.2024, The Circle Music

Doro - Lean Mean Rock Machine

z albumu Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud, 2023, Nuclear Blast

Holy Mother - Fire

z albumu Rise, premiera 7.06.2024, Massacre Records

Rhapsody of Fire - A Brave New Hope

z albumu Challenge the Wind, premiera 31.05.2024, AFM Records

Joe Satriani & Steve Vai - The Sea Of Emotion, Pt.1

Evergrey - Ominous

z albumu A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), 2022, Napalm Records

OU - 淨化 Purge feat. Devin Townsend

z albumu 蘇醒 II: Frailty, premiera 26.04.2024, InsideOutMusic

Thy Catafalque - Babylon (Omega cover)

Spell - A Waxing Moon Over Babylon (The Devil's Blood cover)

z 7-calowego splitu Spell/Poltergeist - A Waxing Moon Over Babylon/Fall To Ruin, 28.03.2024, Bad Omen Records

Allegaeon - Iridescent

Kryptos - Turn Up the Heat

z albumu Decimator, premiera 5.05.2024, AFM Records

Lacrimas Profundere - Obscurity

Balance of Power - One More Time Around The Sun

z albumu Fresh From The Abyss, premiera 19.04.2024, Massacre Records

Dvne - Abode of the Perfect Soul

z albumu Voidkind, premiera 19.04.2024, Metal Blade Records

Sick N' Beautiful - Death Police

syk - The Cross

z albumu eartHFlesh, premiera 10.05.2024, Season of Mist

Grey Skies Fallen - I Can Hear Your Voice

z albumu Molded By Broken Hands, premiera 8.03.2024, Profound Lore Records

Full House Brew Crew - When Violence Meets the Art

z albumu Rise of the Underdogs, premiera 10.05.2024, Rock of Angels Records

Hour of Penance - Birthright Abolished

z albumu Devotion, premiera 5.04.2024, Agonia Records

Pathology - Cult of the Black Triangle

z albumu Unholy Descent, premiera 17.05.2024, Agonia Records

Replicant - Nekrotunnel

z albumu Infinite Mortality, premiera 12.04.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Numento - Timetrap

Vorga - The Sophist

z albumu Beyond the Palest Star, 29.03.2024 Transcending Obscurity Records

SIG:AR:TYR - Ascending The Stellar Throne

z albumu Citadel of Stars, premiera 31.05.2024, Hammerheart Records

Voidgazer - Expectations Management

z albumu Dance of the Undesirables, premiera 19.04.2024, Atomic Fire Records

Soulline - Say Goodbye

z albumu Reflections, premiera 17.05.2024, Massacre Records

Pentagram (Chile) - Icons of Decay

z albumu Eternal Life of Madness, premiera 26.04.2024, Listenable Records

Inter Arma - Concrete Cliffs

z albumu New Heaven, premiera 26.04.2024, Relapse Records

Mélancolia - Dread Will Follow

z albumu HissThroughRottenTeeth, 2023, Nuclear Blast

Xenosis - Altar of the Hound

Reliqa - Killstar (The Cold World)

Smoking Snakes - There is No Tomorrow

z albumu Danger Zone, premiera 9.02.2024, Frontiers Records

Orthodox - The Other Side of the Nail

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