Single tygodnia 15-21 kwietnia 2024

Nowości metal 2024 tydzień 16

Metalowe single - tydzień 16: 15-21 kwietnia 2024

My Dying Bride - Her Dominion

z albumu A Mortal Binding, premiera 19.04.2024, Nuclear Blast

Lacuna Coil – In The Mean Time (feat. Ash Costello)

Oceans of Slumber - Where Gods Fear To Speak

Alcest - Flamme Jumelle

z albumu Les chants de l'aurore, premiera 21.06.2024, Nuclear Blast

Prong - Working Man (Regular Version)

Jinjer - Pisces (live)

z albumu Live in Los Angeles, premiera 17.05.2024, Napalm Records

Nocturnus AD - Yesod, The Dark Side of the Moon

z albumu Unicursal, premiera 17.05.2024, Profound Lore Records

Six Feet Under - Ascension

z albumu Killing for Revenge, premiera 10.05.2024, Metal Blade Records

Edge Of Sanity - Twilight (Remix 2024)

z albumu Purgatory Afterglow (Remix 2024), premiera 21.06.2024, Century Media Records

Obituary - Barely Alive

z albumu Dying of Everything, 2023, Relapse Records

The Omega Swarm - Black Veiled Source

z albumu Crimson Demise, premiera 31.05.2024, Van Records

Red Rot - False Memory

z albumu Borders of Mania, premiera 10.05.2024, Hammerheart Records

Pentagram (Chile) - Possessor

z albumu Eternal Life Of Madness, premiera 26.04.2024, Listenable Records

Replacire - A Fine Manipulation

z albumu The Center That Cannot Hold, premiera 21.06.2024, Season of Mist

Seth - Et Que Vive le Diable !

z albumu La France des maudits, premiera 14.07.2024, Season of Mist

syk - I am the beast

z albumu eartHFlesh, premiera 10.05.2024, Season of Mist

Xandria - Universal

Anette Olzon - Rapture

z albumu Rapture, premiera 10.05.2024, Frontiers Records

Elvellon - My Forever Endeavour

z albumu Ascending in Synergy, premiera 17.05.2024, Napalm Records

Walk in Darkness - Mother

Praying Mantis - Let's See

z albumu Defiance, premiera: 19.04.2024, Frontiers Music

Crystal Viper - Fever of the Gods

z albumu The Silver Key, premiera 28.06.2024, Listenable Records

Pirate Queen - In the search of Eldorado

z albumu Ghosts, premiera 3.05.2024, Despotz Records

Full House Brew Crew - Bleed

z albumu Rise of the Underdogs, premiera 10.05.2024, ROAR! Rock of Angels Records

Cloven Hoof - Last Man Standing

z albumu Heathen Cross, premiera 31.05.2024, High Roller Records

Demon - Face The Master

z albumu Invincible, premiera 17.05.2024, Frontiers Records

Night Laser - Way To The Thrill

z albumu Call Me What You Want, premiera 24.05.2024, Steamhammer

New Horizon - King of Kings

z albumu Conquerors, premiera 14.06.2024, Frontiers Records

Hellbutcher - The Sword of Wrath

z albumu Hellbutcher, premiera 31.05.2024, Metal Blade Records

Octoploid - Human Amoral feat. Tomi Joutsen

z albumu Beyond The Aeons, premiera 5.07.2024, Reigning Phoenix Music

Frozen Soul - Creature Of The Wheel (White Zombie cover)

Fellwarden - Exultance

z albumu Legend: Forged in Defiance, premiera 14.06.2024, Eisenwald

Hagalas - Remembrance Fades

z albumu Mentes Reae, premiera 31.05.2024, Inverse Records

Ereley - Symphony of Hell

z albumu Garden, premiera 31.05.2024, WormHoleDeath

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