Single tygodnia 22-28 kwietnia 2024

Nowości metal 2024 - tydzień 17

Metalowe single - tydzień 17: 22-28 kwietnia 2024

Lucifer feat. Joakim Nilsson - I Would Follow You Babe (Mystic Festival 2024 Anthem)

Flotsam and Jetsam - I Am the Weapon

Hammerfall - Hail To The King

z albumu Avenge The Fallen, 9.08.2024, Nuclear Blast

Rotting Christ - The Apostate

z albumu Pro Xristou, 24.05.2024, Season of Mist

Evildead - Subjugated Souls

z albumu Toxic Grace, 25.05.2024, Steamhammer

Accept - Frankenstein

z albumu Humanoid, 26.04.2024

Sebastian Bach - (Hold On) To The Dream

z albumu Child Within the Man, 10.05.2024, Reigning Phoenix Music

Sonic Universe - It Is What It Is

z albumu It Is What It Is, 10.05.2024, earMusic

Kissin' Dynamite - My Monster

z albumu Back with a Bang, 5.07.2024, Napalm Records

Pallbearer - Endless Place

z albumu Mind Burns Alive, 17.05.2024, Nuclear Blast

Cognitive - A Pact Unholy

z albumu Abhorrence, 17.05.2024, Metal Blade Records

This Ending - Will Of Iron

z albumu Crowned in Blood, 26.04.2024, Apostasy Records

Hail Spirit Noir - The Temple Of Curved Space

z albumu Fossil Gardens, 28.06.2024, Agonia Records

Paradise in Flames - Concerto No 6 in C Minor, Cold Spring

200 Stab Wounds - Hands of Eternity

z albumu Manual Manic Procedures, 28.06.2024, Metal Blade Records

Insanity Alert - Moshemian Thrashody

z EP Moshemian Thrashody, 17.05.2024, Season of Mist

Lords Of Black - Can We Be Heroes Again

z albumu Mechanics of Predacity, 15.03.2024, Frontiers Records

Crawl - Curse of the Morbid (ft. Chris Monroy)

z albumu Altar of Disgust, 3.05.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Numento - Singularity

Unleash the Archers - Seeking Vengeance

z albumu Phantoma, 10.05.2024, Napalm Records

Ad Infinitum - Outer Space

League Of Distortion - My Hate Will Go On

Sunbomb - Unbreakable

z albumu Light Up the Sky, 28.06.2024, Frontier Records

Soulline - I'm So Sorry

z albumu Reflections, 17.05.2024, Massacre Records

Extortionist - When It All Goes Dark

z albumu Devoid of Love & Light, 17.05.2024, Unique Leader Records

Savage Lands - Black Rock Heart

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