Single tygodnia 6-12 maja 2024

nowości metal 2024 tydzień 19

Single metal 2024 - tydzień 19: 6-12 maja 

Riot V - Mean Streets

album: Mean Streets, 10.05.2024, Atomic Fire Records

Evergrey - Say

z albumu Theories of Emptiness, 7.06.2024, Napalm Records

Orange Goblin - Cemetary Rats

album: Science, Not Fiction, 19.07.2024, Peaceville Records

Portrait - The Blood Covenant

album: The Host, 21.06.2024, Metal Blade Records

Six Feet Under - When the Moon Goes Down in Blood

album: Killing for Revenge, 10.05.2024, Metal Blade Records

Cruachan - Talamh

Freedom Call - Supernova

z albumu Silver Romance, 10.05.2024, Steamhammer

Simone Simons - Aeterna

z albumu Vermillion, 23.08.2024, Nucleaaar Blast

Anette Olzon - Hear My Song

album: Rapture, 10.05.2024, Frontiers Records

Exist - Thief Of Joy Ft. Sanjay Kumar

album: Hijacking the Zeitgeist, 12.04.2024, Prosthetic Records

Dååth - Unwelcome Return

z albumu The Deceivers, 3.05.2024, Metal Blade Records

Cemetery Skyline - In Darkness

Feuerschwanz - Wardwaarf

album: Warriors, 3.05.2024, Napalm Records

Unleash the Archers - Blood Empress

album: Phantoma, 10.05.2024, Napalm Records

Halcyon Way - Insufferable

EP Night Crawling, 31.05.2024, Agonia Records

Crownshift - Rule The Show

album: Crownshift, 10.05.2024, Nuclear Blast

Full House Brew Crew

album: Rise of the Underdogs, 10.05.2024, Roar! Rock of Angels Records

Serious Black - Metalized

album: Rise of Akhenaton, 27.09.2024, AFM Records

The Eternal - Skinwalker

album: Skinwalker, 28.06.2024, Reigning Phoenix Music

Act of Creation - Moments To Remain

album: Moments To Remain, 19.07.2024, Massacre Records

White Stones - D-Generación

album: Memoria Viva, 28.06.2024, Reigning Phoenix Music

Severe Torture - The Pinnacle of Suffering

album: Torn From The Jaws of Death, 7.06.2024, Season of Mist

Cutterred Flesh - Xenomorphic Annihilation: Earth Ravaged

album: Love At First Bite, 24.05.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Kvaen - The Formless Fires

album: The Formless Fires, 21.06.2024, Metal Blade Records

Vulvodynia - Entabeni

album: Entabeni, 5.07.2024, Unique Leader Records

Wraith - Heathen’s Touch

album: Fueled by Fear, 28.06.2024, Prosthetic Records

Asenblut - Unbesiegbar

album: Entfesselt, 2.08.2024, Massacre Records

Monument of Misanthropy - A Nice Beheading For MoM

album: Vile Postmortem Irrumatio, 26.07.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Forgotten Tomb - Nightfloating

album: Nightfloating, 12.06.2024, Agonia Records

Distant - Loveless Suffering

Evilyn - Penance

album: Mondestrunken, Transcending Obscurity Records

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