Single tygodnia 28 kwietnia - 5 maja 2024

nowości metal 2024 tydzień 18

Metalowe single - tydzień 18: 28 kwietnia - 5 maja 2024

Cavalera - Escape To The Void

z albumu Schizophrenia, 21.06.2024, Nuclear Blast

Dark Tranquillity - Unforgivable

z albumu Endtime Signals, 16.08.2024, Century Media

Category 7 - In Stitches

z albumu Category 7, 26.07.2024, Metal Blade Records

Deep Purple - Portable Door

z albumu =1, 19.07.2024, earMUSIC

Ivory Tower - Holy War

z albumu Heavy Rain, 29.03.2024, Massacre Records

Banisher - Demons

Nocny Kochanek - Bandycka Faja

Trail of Tears - Blood Red Halo

z EP Winds of Disdain, 24.05.2024, The Circle Music

Warlord - Worms of the Earth

z albumu Free Spirit Soar, 10.05.2024, High Roller Records

Kryptos - Electrify

z albumu Decimator, 5.07.2024, AFM Records

Rhapsody of Fire - Diamond Claws

z albumu Challenge the Wind, 31.05.2024, AFM Records

Induction - Medusa

Ereley - Orient Flowers

z albumu Garden, 31.05.2024, Wormholedeath

Nightrage - Persevere Through Adversity

z albumu Remains Of A Dead World, 31.05.2024, Despotz Records

Rivers of Nihil - Criminals

SIG:AR:TYR - I Sail On, Eternal

z albumu Citadel of Stars, 31.05.2024, Hammerheart Records

1349 - Ash of Ages

Pathology - Psychotronic Abominations

z albumu Unholy Descent, 17.05.2024, Agonia Records

The Last of Lucy - Wormhole

z albumu Godform, 17.05.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Marty Friedman - Dead of Winter (featuring Chris Brooks of Like A Storm)

z albumu Drama, 17.05.2024, Frontier Records

Smoking Snakes - Excited

z albumu Danger Zone, 9.02.2024, Frontiers Records

Cadaverous Condition - They Came From The Hills

z albumu Never Arrive, Never Return, 14.06.2024, The Circle Music 

The Magus - Fire (Arthur Brown Cover)

Monument of Misanthropy - The Atascasdero Years

z albumu Vile Postmortem Irrumatio, 26.07.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Carnophage - Underneath The Horrendous One

z albumu Matter of a Dark Nature, 2.08.2024, Transcending Obscurity Records

Neaera - Pacifier

z albumu All Is Dust, 28.06.2024, Metal Blade Records

Gaerea - World Ablaze

Unto Others - Butterfly

Dominum - We All Taste The Same

z albumu Hey Living People, 2023, Napalm Records

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